What Are Squinkies ‘Do Drops? The Ultimate In Collectible Fun

If you have children under the age of 14, you probably know what a Squinkie is. Squinkies took the toy world by storm back in 2010. They have continued to be one of the hottest toy collectibles on the market since, selling out sets regularly each time they come out with new products. So who are the adorable new Squinkies ‘Do Drops that your children are asking for?

The Magical World of Squinkieville

Squinkies live in the land of Squinkieville, where there are always fun adventures to be had. The different areas of Squinkieville are as colorful and unique as the Squinkies who live in them! Let’s explore them all!

  • Squinkie Valley Acres : Follow the big red barn to Squinkieville’s farm land! The Squinkies here enjoy a quiet life of farmer’s markets and golden fields.
  • Arctic Island : Snow-capped icebergs and chilly seas surround Arctic Island. Around here, the Squinkies love cozy knit ‘Do’s and lots of ice cream!
  • Gardenia : Flowers, gazebos and sweet little paths make Gardenia one of the prettiest (and best smelling) areas of Squinkieville!
  • Jungle Oasis : Adventure seekers love the Jungle Oasis, where exploration and safaris await! Squinkies here hide out in leafy forests and grassy savannas.
  • Squinkie Sea : Squinkie Sea is the colorful underwater home to aquatic Squinkies. These Squinkies spend their days bubbling through reefs and chasing boats!
  • Faraway Forest : Tucked back in the trees, this peaceful woodland is perfect for shady naps and tree climbing!

‘Do ‘em Up!

The best part about Squinkies ‘Do Drops is that you can mix and match tons of unique hairstyles and accessories – called ‘Do’s – to create endless character combinations! They may be only an inch tall, but they are packed with loads of fun! Your child won’t want to leave home without their favorites.

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