A World Of Fun For Kids!

If you have children under the age of twelve years old, then you probably hear “Look Mom! Squinkies!” in every toy aisle. So you have likely heard of Squinkies ‘Do Drops, the new little collectible toys on the market. With a whole world (Squinkieville) to collect, it’s no wonder kids are losing their minds over all the cuteness!

What In The World Is a Squinkie?

Squinkies are highly collectible, miniature toys that live in the land of Squinkieville. Available now in Starter Packs, Collector Packs and Play sets, kids can collect animals, people, creatures and even mash-up sparkly characters! Kids get a kick out of trading with siblings or friends, showing them off to grandparents, and playing for hours on end – at home or on the go!

Endless Playtime

Squinkies ‘Do Drops feature mix and match ‘Do’s, so kids can constantly change up their look! ‘Do’s range from fancy hairstyles to deer antlers… and swapping them with different Squinkies is strangely addicting! There are over 200 Squinkies and ‘Dos to round up! Not only that, but kids can even create their very own “Have it” and “Want it” lists online to keep track of their growing collections. Some Squinkies are hard to find and considered rare or ultra rare, so kids love that exciting moment when they get to move their newest Squinkie off the “Want it” list and onto the “Have it” list!

Great for Gifts!

Squinkies are the ultimate in fun at a low price! They make terrific presents for birthday parties, because they don’t break the bank and they provide kids with endless interaction and playtime. Some Squinkeriffic play sets to look for are the Squinkies ‘Do Drops Clubhouse, Airplane and Ice Cream Shop.

Start Your Collection

So now you know why your kids have been begging for Squinkies ‘Do Drops! It’s easy to join in the fun with Squinkies, available at all major retailers in the toy aisle.

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