Chances are, right now you have some kind of toy collection. Whether it’s Barbies, Beanie Babies, or Squinkies, creating your own world of toys can make you happy and inspired. In fact, having a toy collection is a great thing for a kid to do for a number of reasons.

1. Self Discovery

As a kid, you might not know exactly who you are or what you like yet. That’s fine, because you’re still young! However, by collecting various toys, you discover more about yourself, exploring new worlds and stories to find your interests. Collectible toys expose you to a range of themes, ideas and choices that help you form interests and determine what you like.

2. Expand Creativity

With an unlimited number of toys in your collection, you can amuse yourself for hours by creating new worlds for your toys. Next time you’re bored, simply take out some of your favorite pieces and create a magical storyline. This type of creative play is far more enriching and imaginative than video games or watching TV!

3. Feel Like an Adult

Most kids can’t wait to grow up, because adults get to have all the fun. Collecting toys is one way to make you feel a little older. It requires you to take care of the toys as well as keep track of what pieces you have – two very adult-like responsibilities.

4. Joy

What’s better than finally finding that ultra rare piece for your collection? Not much! Searching the aisles for that special toy gives you something to look forward to each time you go to the toy store. Plus, it gives your mom and dad something to get you for Christmas or your birthday that they’ll know you love.

5. Shape Who You Become

Right now, you might love collecting Legos because you love building different structures. Who knows – this could lead you to become an architect some day! And if you collect Barbies, maybe you’ll become a fashion designer! The possibilities are endless, and collecting toys can help point you in the right direction.

6. Extra Cash!

Whatever you are collecting today might be worth a lot more tomorrow. As you grow up and become an adult, your childhood toy collection could make you some extra money! Who knows… it might even help you pay for college or a new car someday! 😉  So the next time your mom or dad complains about getting you yet another Squinkie for your collection, just tell them about all the different advantages of toy collecting. They won’t be able to say “No” anymore!

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