It has long been said that playing is a child’s job. This is because kids gain more from playing than just about any other activity. Playing with toys is just as important for a child’s development as eating their broccoli or getting to bed on time. When provided with an abundance of fun and colorful toys, and ample time for imaginative play, children naturally thrive.

Playing With Toys Stimulates the Imagination

Learning is natural for children. Children turn every experience into a learning experience. This is true of the time they spend playing as well. While educational toys can be particularly inspirational to a child, most children are creative and imaginative enough to turn just about anything into an educational experience. But, with fun, colorful toys it is possible to engage a child’s senses in a way that ordinary, every day objects cannot. Colorful toys really stimulate a child’s imagination, transporting them into incredible worlds that they can share with their friends. While an adult may see just a stack of colorful blocks, a child is likely to see an enchanted castle in a world shaped by their powerful imagination.

Imaginative Play Provides Social Benefits

Playing with fun and colorful toys does more than just stimulate a child’s imagination, it benefits them in a number of ways that are essential for their growth. A child’s mastery of the social world is first based on their ability to play with other children. By providing a child with plenty of opportunities to engage in imaginative play with others, it is possible to lay the groundwork for future social success in school and later in life. Children learn about following rules and cooperating with others by playing with toys, games and puzzles, which is an important part of social growth later life.

Development of Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

Children are amazing. Of course, while children are learning the rules of social interactions with peers and creating amazing worlds in their imaginations, they are also developing the physical skills that will help them as they advance through their school years. Children between the ages of 5-8 are acquiring new skills almost every day. By providing them with a variety of toys it is possible for parents and care givers to provide children with the kinds of rich educational play experiences that help children improve hand-eye coordination and other fine motor skills that will make learning more accessible.
For a child, a toy box is like a treasure chest full of creative and imaginative experiences. Children who are experience-rich in the world of imaginative and social play generally develop into healthier and happier adults. For this reason, it is really important to find colorful and fun toys for our children to enjoy.

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