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Your chance of getting a Collector Pack that has an Ultra Rare Squinkie is 1 in 6! Ultra Rare Squinkies ‘Do Drops are glittery mashup animals!

Squinkies ‘Do Drops are not as squishy squashy as original Squinkies. We made this change so your Squinkies can wear awesome ‘Do’s! If you still love the original squishy Squinkies, don’t worry! Toys R Us is bringing back some of our top selling original Squinkies starting July 2016.

There are 157 Squinkies and 53 ‘Do’s for them to wear – and that’s just in Season 1! Want to see them all? Download the Collector Poster.  Get the Collector Poster!

‘Do’s are interchangeable hairdo’s, hats, and other silly tops that Squinkies can wear! Because why wouldn’t you give a zebra pigtails or antlers?

Squinkies are miniature, cute and collectible toys. They have taken different forms over the years, but Squinkies ‘Do Drops are the newest! All Squinkies live in the world of Squinkieville. Each one has its own name and personality!